Undress Him



“Hear comments from single and married women who have read this inspired book….

“Riveting … a page turner…one of the most challenging books I have ever read. Wow! The research in this book is life changing…God honoring…yet…it reads like a thriller. An eye opener…I could not put it down…I walked around my room…sat and looked out my window… pondering and praying about its content…for my life…Help Me Lord…Undress Him! I have to read it again!”

G. Taylor Suffolk, Va.

“Robin Price’s book is a God-send and a must-have for every woman seeking God’s best in a mate.” This wealth of information will equip, arm and empower women to make sound choices in selecting a mate based on godly criteria, the work of God. “Undress Him,” is so valuable it should be used as a pre-marriage tool in counseling sessions. Lastly, it has the power to create honorable long-lasting godly marriages all over the world.”

C. Speller Portsmouth, Va.

“Undress Him” is a thought provoking, enlightening book that is a “must read,” for everyone contemplating marriage. It has biblically based instructions; that, if carried out, will produce a marriage that represents Christ and the Church. As you read this book, you will laugh, think and/or wonder if you are ready for this next step in life. You will be challenged by these God inspired words, to seek His mind and will before you say, “I do!” God bless you Robin, for allowing God to use you to give to others, the blueprints for building a godly union.”

A. Hinton Portsmouth, Va.

“Undress Him” delivers a spiritual road map for women of all ages to find God’s best. I especially love how Robin used the example of “tending her yard” to help us find “Mr. Right.” Ms. Price reminds all of us that we need to let God write our love story.”

T. Henry Richmond, Va.

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  • Is he…………SOBER?
  • Is he…………SOUND?
  • Is he…………SANE?
  • And is he….SAFE?

How would you know?

2) Dating, what does that mean?

3) Every woman needs a baseline from which to begin, what’s yours?

4) Which best describes you?

    • Traditional dating
    • Casual dating
    • Social dating
    • Sexual dating
    • Marriage dating

5) Why you should have standards before dating?