A Day of Forgiveness

The Guide Book!

Below are some comments from readers of the “The Guide Book”

It would be great for youth to read “The Guide” book if they would.  My prayer is that at some point it would be a required reading in private schools.  Bless You!

R. Hinton Chesapeake, VA.


“The Guide” book was an extremely well written book with abundance of nuggets for life’s twists and turns.  Through this book, I found insights and directions for the specific season that God has me in right now.  In addition, the book is so intriguing that it creates an atmosphere for you to ponder on how your upbringing affects your life today.  I highly recommend this book to any young person, mother, father, or anyone who is seeking guidance from the Lord.   This book will INDEED provide the wisdom and insight you desire!

J. Goldston Virginia Beach, VA.

Let me begin by saying that the Lord has truly used not only your naturally acquired knowledge to bless his people, but the spiritual knowledge that only he can give.  I thank God for your obedience to his prompting.  To say “The Guide” book is greatly needed would be an understatement.  To say reserve my copies at whatever the cost is just an indication of the lives I intend to sew it into, beginning with my own household.

V. Conner Newport News, VA.

I truly enjoyed this book, “The Guide.”  I especially loved the sections in the book where the author makes space for the reader to reflect and write, allowing the reader to really be focused in that moment with God.  Further, the book is an easy read with personable language!  I would definitely recommend this book to new believers.

R. Johnson, Portsmouth, VA.

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