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Radio Service

Recently, I was given the opportunity to do a Radio Spot on WGAI 560am broadcast.  The name of my Broadcast Spot is “A Voice of Reason.”  Please add a Radio link at the top of my page and Title it “Radio.”  Once viewers click on the link, I would like for them to see this verbiage with some kind of radio icon…mic…voice image…etc.


Please join me beginning Saturday, December 5th from 10:30 – 10:45am to hear “A Voice of Reason” Broadcast.  This “weekly” in the moment teaching will encourage and empower radio listeners to live a fruitful life while tapping into the Blessings of God!  The King of Kings is alive and well, in spite of what you may hear or see in the media.

~God has not changed his mind concerning you and I~

Stay Tuned!


A Voice of Reason

by Robin Price Boyd

First Class

Undecided about your Future… Average GPA…  No Vision…  Lack Support…

Join us as our First Class Student!


This course is an introductory course to College Life and compliments the Academics!  The focus of this course is with personal growth and development.  It’s quite simple, you cannot have one, “academics” without the other “personal growth.”  So, this class connects the dots for greater success!

First Class is the first of its kind and actually compliments most school programs. We aim to be a support resource to all high schools and colleges.  Our goal is to infuse, to motivate, and to empower young minds while prepping them for college life.  The transition is real!  The course is set!  The workload, well; it awaits each student.

We help the young mind to embrace the transition from high school to college life.  Some would say, we encourage students to run their race in Education…for career readiness…for a bright future…for financial success; but, an important piece to that picture is inclusive of personal growth!  As a student thinketh, so is he or she.  You are what you believe!

Students who meet expectations through academics with personal growth find a healthier balance for success in college life.  For too long now, we have tried to separate key components that feed one on the other.  Academics are on the back of personal growth and development!

We hope you enjoyed our movie presentation~

For more information or questions, please contact Robin via email at robinpriceboyd@gmail.com

Things you should know:

  1. This course is for 11th and 12th and 1st Year College Students~
  2. Classes are on line due to COVID-19 restrictions~
  3. The Course runs for six to eight weeks~
  4. The class meets once a week for approximately two hours~
  5. A student enrollment form is required~
  6. One book is recommended for this course~ (details will follow)~
  7. Students will be surveyed to ensure this course is in alignment with their goals~
  8. This is a fee based course with a sliding scale option
  9. A Certificate of Completion will be awarded upon the completion of the course!

Thank you!

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