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On Saturdays for “A Voice of Reason” broadcast as we delve into the Word of God to discover what He has in store for each of us!

The Lord shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Psalm 115:14

Wow!  We are currently in a Mini series on The Knowledge of More and More Each week we are guided by the Holy Spirit through Scripture, to talk about the Knowledge God desires us to have to live a prosperous life!  This is a “in the moment teaching” that you do not want to miss.  I pray you can join us each Saturday at 10:25am for “A Voice of Reason” Radio Broadcast.  By the way, invite a friend!

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On Thursdays for my “Question and Answer Segment” broadcast.

Here are the Three ways to get your questions to me by (Tuesdays) in preparation for the Thursday Segment:

3 Ways to get your Questions in:

By Phone: (252) 435-9038

By Email: voiceofreasonqanda@gmail.com or

By Writing In: P.O. Box 1039, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

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by Robin Price-Boyd

Isaiah 7:11

“Go ahead – ASK for a sign from Yahweh, your God.

ASK for something big, so miraculous that you will know only God did it!”

~The Passion Translation~

This is your SEASON and we look forward to hearing from YOU!


Minister Robin Price-Boyd
P.O. Box 1039
Elizabeth City, NC  27909

The Knowledge of More and More! Scripture: Psalm 115:14

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The Knowledge of More and More! Scripture: Psalm 115:14

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More and More (Personal Increase) Scripture: Psalm 115:14

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